In the annals of Bay Area music, Malo's "Suavecito" will no doubt go down as the ultimate Latino love song. The San Francisco Latin rock group's 1972 hit featured the voice of Richard Bean, who wrote it. Today the longtime Hayward resident is still going strong with Sapo, the band he formed after leaving Malo. Sapo (the name translates as "Frog") also got national exposure with a very nice self-titled album; barrio low-rider classics such as "Can't Make It," "Sapo's Montuño," and "Ritmo del Corazón" came out of that now-collectible LP.” “The Emergence of the "New Chicano Groove" has sparked renewed interest in Latin rock bands whose appearance in the late 1960s and early '70s altered the face of popular music. Santana is rightly credited for kick-starting this mini-revolution. Hitching African-Latin polyrhythms to rock guitar, the band paved the way for a myriad of other Chicano-led ensembles, most notably Azteca, Malo and Sapo. The incorporation of R&B, percussion and jazz elements made these bands sound unique. Richard Bean was instrumental in upping the funk quotient in the then novel sound.” With a soulful voice and lyrics from the heart, singer songwriter Blanca Sandoval has captivated audiences. Blanca is poised on the edge of stardom as the next great bilingual singer songwriter, truly a child of music, soulful, edgy and defiant. By means of an unrivaled sound that blends together her Latin musical roots with rock, funk, jazz, and up beat ballads, her bilingual style is extremely diverse and prepared to engage any crowd.

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