Dear Blanca, I found your you tube video today. I cried to find out your mom past. My deepest sympathy. My name is Diane, I live in Wall, NJ. When I was about 7 or 8 years old I remember your parents and uncles. They came and toured through neighboring towns. My parents were groupies of the Los Sandovals. I know we purchased their albums. Its so nice to listen to your parents' music and to be brought back to that time in my life. You don't know how many times I wished I could have a CD of their music. Please let me know if its available to purchase. I listened to you and its nice to hear that you are as talented as your parents and uncles. Just a quick background, my father, Jack past 5 years ago (he was 100% Armenian) he married Virginia (she is also 100% Armenian but was born in Cuba) My mom is still with us and when I spoke to her today she also cried when she heard your mother's voice, it brought back some beautiful times. You have know idea how much it would mean to me and my mother if we can get your parents' and family albums on CD. My mother told me your mother Anita used to call me "La Gordita", yes I was chubby! My info: Diane Froonjian Dziobek 1128 Bayberry Rd, Manasquan NJ 08736 732 528 -0439 Please send my regards to your family. Thank you. Diane F Dziobek

Just wanted to say hi!

I enjoy your music and look forward to seeing perform live. God Bless

HI, I hope you can remember me. its shirley from high school! I hope we can get in touch again email me or call txt 9513858212

Blanca; Thank you so much for crediting the photo to me. That makes me so happy. I love the artistic enhancement/appearance of the web site photo. It looks SO sharp !!! I just love it. How do you do that? Cool ! Can't wait to see you...Miss you and the band.

Please let me know when your CD comes out. Loving you mija Paulina

Congratulations Blanca! I Loveyou! so happy for you with this cd! I want one! Right away and I want to come see you to sign it !

Hi Blanca, your music is wonderful, I had the honor of knowing your Mom, Dad and your uncles when I was a kid in Sharon Hill PA, I actually have a tape of me playing the flute with Los Sandovals when they stayed with our friends Richie and Dolores Phillips and our neighbor Mrs. Sanchez. I just adored your Uncle Primo! Best of luck in your career!

Blanca, I am honored to have met you.! Hopefully your resting in your room. Its snowing outside again. So stay warm. Talk with you soon. Much love, Sandra

Hey There Guys, I went to schoolio with Mike. Can't wait for you all to come back to Colorado and am looking forward to your show! Y'all sound so good and I can't wait to get my groove on with you! Di

Love you are such a talented singer songwriter. ~smile~

great music

I remember visiting your family once when we were little girls in school at Sequoia. A dance where you stacked bottles on top of your head still sticks with me so that I even remembered your name and "googled" you. So glad to see and hear music is very much a part of you even so many years on.

hola blanca cuando sale el 2 cd,saludos desde napa,me recuerdas?felicidades a toda tu banda.bye

Nice show Saturday 4/14 at Riverside's KUCR Radio Aztlan Music Festival. My family and I enjoyed the music!

see you soon at the Avalon In Santa Clara

Good meeting you for Easter we had a great Easter see you soon ttys. Add me on facebook

Blanca, your music is as "Positive" as you are my dear friend!

hola blanca saludos desde napa con el afecto de siempre,saludos a toda la banda,sigan adelante ,dios los bendiga y deseandoles todo el exito del mundo.

Hola BLANCA... Just wanted to drop a line, We have seen you in concert twice now, first at the Uptown Theatre in Napa, CA and then again at Silo's in Napa this past December. We would like to wish you all the best in the world, we recently returned to Delaware and are longing for the amazing music of the Napa Valley and the Bay Area. Please keep us updated as to when your next CD is released as we listen to your first CD every day... GRACIAS y SALUDOS A TODOS!! -Selina y Ramiro

Hello Blanca, I am the other part of the dueo of Gwen and Marguerite. I am so happy to see you are doing so well. You are sooo beautiful, I feel like I am looking at your mom, Anita. I'm not so sure you will remember me because the last time I saw you, you were very young. But you were my best buddy when we would go places with your family. I have so many wonderful memories of all of you and even though we all lost touch over the years I was so upset to hear about your mom. I am so sorry for your loss.

Hello, I was a friend of your family in the 70 or 80's. Your family appeared at the mall where I managed. Maybe you got your first taste of music there.!! My son found your website and I have been listening and enjoying your beautiful voice. We posted it on facebook Macdademall4life in Delaware County Pa. Hello to your family, mom, dad your sister, uncles and aunts too! Tell them Feel free to contact me via my contact information. Love to heasr from you or them. All the best former mall manager Gwen Skalish from MacDade Mall Holmes PA.

I never in my life met such kind and wonderful person. Your music really touches my heart. I remember coming to watch you guys play and you ask me to stand close by while you sang. Your voice is so amazing. Keep singing. Love you so much and so proud to call you my friend.

y'all rock!!!

Hey Blanca, So glad to see you are still doing it!! You guys sound great! Hope to see you perform soon. Best wishes!! Steve

So sorry to hear of your great loss, Blanca.Give my love to your dad. Good luck with your career. Your mom had a very good voice too. I have known your dad for almost 60 years. Joe de la Rosa, El Dorado Hills,Ca

hey love music

love your music! keep on singing thanks for the hair cuts.LOVE U :)

love u

it was fun seeing you last night

Hey girl! Congratulations on your hard work. Good luck on your date! It will Rock!!! Cuidate mucho and God Bless!!

I really enjoy listening to your CD. Felicidades.

Hola Blanca no se si te recuerdas de mi te conoci en Yerba Buena High School cuando bailabamos Ballet Folklorico 1990-1992 Felicidades! por tus logros.

hola blanca saludos desde napa valley todavia recordando el show y tu musica el cd esta de lujo felicidades que dios te cuide siempre adios

Met Blanca at the Shop, had a great conversation about the music business. This is a young lady with her head on straight, and a fresh strong talent. Good luck, B!

Saw Blanco[s when her group opened up for Malo just last weekend in Napa. . Love her lyrics and sound! Reminds me of powerful female singers like Chrissie Hynde, Alanis Morrisette, and Pink...and still embracing her roots, how can she go wrong! Arriba Blanca!

Great show in Napa! I had never heard of your band and now I can't wait to see you all perform again. I will be scouting ya out:) Ciao, KJ

Hola :))

Looking forward to meeting you one day soon for a possible interview. In an interview with your manager/promoter, Dr. Bernie, he raved about your talent and unique skill sets. Congrats on all you do. I like your sound.

Love your music an love you all also.

Hi Blanca! I like your new site. I am looking forward to your next CD I know it will be just as great as Mi Musica Listeneng to some of your songs have reached into my heart and brought back memories of some very special times in my life. And i really enjoy dancing to to your music too! You are a great artist and a very sweet soul. I am happy to be your friend! ...Trini

I love you Sweet Blanca!

The web site looks great!!! I want to buy your newest Music! Are you available on itunes yet!? Make it available to us! We need ADDICTED!!!

I cannot stop listening to "One Sweet Day". This is a jewel in songwriting and melody~! I can only say that I am honored to be your friend. If you continue to produce songs like this, I will watch you walk on stage at the Grammy Award show to accept your reward for all the hard work and soul you put into your music. Bob Sandoval

As an artist you touch my soul every time I hear your music or see you sing. As a close and truly, truly dear friend you’ve touched my heart! Girl, I can’t even express how proud of you I am. “A child of music, soulful, edgy & defiant” no one could have described you better!!!! I’m blessed to have such a talented, inspirational and devoted friend! Love you girl … Keep on Rock’n!!! ~Maria Hagins

Looks Killer girl ....I can't wait till our next Adventure ....!!!!

Keep kicking ass chica!

Hola Blanca soy Gustavo de Medina Sounds Grabe aproximada mente 50 minutos de tu musica show en sacramento el savado pasado y quisiera mandarte una copia, dame tu direccion y yo te mando lamia para que me mandes uno de los tullos me gusto tu musica vueno saludos y siguele hechando ganas!!!!!

Oh, Blanca I am so grateful you put my photos on here. It brings tears to my eyes. I love you guys. Onward and upward with your music !!!

Love your music girl. You are definitely going places, believe that! I wish you nothing but the best in all your musical endeavors! Love you Santanamiga y que viva la music LATINA!

Anything is possible

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