Thank you Latin Rock Inc and Dr Rock for this mini tour with Salvador Santana!!! We can't wait for future event's like this that become wonderful adventures!! Every place we played, starting the Tour in Santa Cruz, California, we were greeted with smiles and wonderful people we will not forget. Although the time seemed short, we really enjoyed every minute warming up the crowd for Salvador Santana, who Rocks the crowd with Lyrics from his soul! One of our favorites and coming out on his new CD, The song  "Mi tesoro" Written for his late grandmother Josefina Santana. This song is beautiful, Salvador is destined for greatness!! Salvador's band includes, the EXTREMELY TALENTED and beautiful ALEX NESTER!! If you haven't heard this woman sing, you are in for a treat!! The Talented Jared Meeker on Guitar, with his wonderful spirit and solos!! Itai Shapira, AKA "The foundation" on bass, Blake Colie the "rastaman" on drums. =)

At SLIMS, we also spent time with our great friend Carlos Elizalde and his band Ruckatan. Playing their own Original music to a very excited and awaiting crowd. Ruckatan, we the band called BLANCA LOVE YOU!! It really was a very special night, and the Positive energy and Vibes were Obvious!!

Now The BAND CALLED BLANCA is ready to hit Live Oak Studios again to finish up our new Cd due before this summer 2012!!!! We are ready to take over the world, and can't wait for everyone to hear our new music!! As we have said before, quality before quantity is what has held us back from rushing this out, we appreciate your patience and know you won't be disappointed!!

Latin Essence was also a treat, and we can't forget The band Colores!! Thumbs up to everyone that was a part of this equation!! Also to the people that weren't, we salute you!! ;)

As always, Thank you all for your support, and we'll see you very soon! Until then stay tuned! =)


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