Forty years ago, a group of musicians from the Excelsior and Mission Districts of San Francisco became known as “Malo”. Previously, they had called themselves “The Malibus” and they played at places such as the Mission YMCA and the Nite Life night club. Their big hit “Suavecito” in 1972 has been called "The Chicano National Anthem" and was arranged for Malo by Richard Bean, Pablo Tellez, and Abel Zarate. Malo then had a huge following and released other hits, such as "Chevere", "Nena", "Pana", "Cafe" and "Oye Mama".

Malo is still exciting crowds everywhere they go and will be celebrating their 40th year on July 31st at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Special guest stars will be performing with them to commemorate this historic event in their home town. Malo’s current line-up includes: Arcelio Garcia (Lead Vocals), Jorge Santana (Guitar), Gus Bogios (Bass), David George (Drums), Gabriel Manzo (Lead Guitar), Gibby Ross (Timbales), Daniel Cervantes (Keyboards), Brian Buekelman (Trumpet), Pete Rodriguez (Trumpet, Trombone), Jack Musgrove (Trumpet, Flugelhorn) and David Chavez (Congas).

Performing with them will be Lava - Latin Rhythms and Blanca (Sandoval).

Lava has a very diverse set list, with songs in several different styles, such as Latin Jazz, Cha-Cha-Cha, Latin Rock, Latin Funk, and Salsa. They cover such artists as Santana, Malo, Poncho Sanchez and War. Lava also plays a number of standards that have been in the top 40 over the past 30 years. Lava has had the privilege of opening for headliners Sapo, Malo, Pete Escovedo, and former lead vocalist of Tower of Power Lenny Williams.

Lava features Mio "Timbalero" Flores (Timbales), Delbert Ojeda (Congas), Richie Cravalho (Guitar and Vocals) and Andres Soto (Tenor Sax, Flute and Vocals), Cedric Deonbi (Lead Vocals), Richie Aguon (Drums), Joaquin Solorzano (Bass, Vocals), Vic Bajarano (Keyboards), Manuel Duran (Trumpet, Vocals) and Allen Williams (Trombone).

Blanca Sandoval, is the rising star in the Bay Area Latin Rock Community whose sound is derived from a mixture of her Latin musical roots with rock, funk, jazz, and up beat ballads, her bilingual style is extremely diverse and prepared to engage any crowd. She is a talented singer/songwriter who also plays acoustical guitar, her band has some very talented musicians to go along with her energy and beautiful voice. Members of her band include: Robert Zamora (Guitar), Mike Juarez (Drums) and Oscar Tablada (Bass) from Sapo.

She is strong in her convictions and most of her songs include a message, which profess her strength as a woman and as a Latina. When she performs, you cannot help but notice that her fans get out of their seats to get close to the stage so as not to miss a minute of her performance. Her fans also seem to know the words to all of her songs and most are singing along during her performance.

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